Waffen SS Officer Visor, Artillery Piping #5614


A rare example of a high quality Waffen SS officer’s visor cap.? This is a “contract” type visor with no advertising on the gold interior.? The cap is made of field grey/green trikot wool with correct black velvet band and red wool piping, per 1940 regulation.? Black glossy visor with tan crisscross reverse is undamaged. Aluminum bullion chincords are the thin type, and have stretched out slightly and droop below the black velvet, as many cords do over time (you can neaten the knots on either side for a near-perfect “factory” fit.? Eagle and skull are painted zinc, with a majority of factory paint remaining.? Eagle is pinned through the liner, but skull is not. The lozenge-shaped celluloid sweat-shield is partially intact and is quite fragile (probably due to water damage to the threads that hold it in place).? Leather sweatband is very tight due to water/mildew damage that has occurred on the inside of the visor.? Orange sponge “comfort fit” pad is still present.? The mildew soiling extends to the exposed edge of the hat rim (adjacent to the interior lining), indicating that this hat experienced moisture damage at some point.? There are faint signs of it on the exterior of the hat, but I believe that the exterior was professionally cleaned at some point by a collector in years past.? Since color piped Waffen SS visor caps should automatically be considered suspect due to their rarity, I’ve gone over this cap with high magnification and can see absolutely no sign of extra stitching holes, reassembly, restitching, or any other evidence that would indicate that the cap is anything other than 100% original.? I would NOT attempt to clean the interior, as it is much more difficult to clean than a wool exterior (explaining why the interior was not touched).? I don’t believe the cleaning job detracts from the visor at all … in fact, from the exterior, this hat looks nearly mint.

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