Japanese Nagamaki, 1300s Vintage, Double Papered #2192


At approximately 700 years old, truly a magnificent specimen that has survived the ravages of time in phenomenal condition.? This type of sword was originally poll-mounted, and was later re-sized to its current wakizashi sword.? These were made during the Nanboku-cho period, which spanned from 1336 to 1392.? The sword is papered by both the NTHK (Nihon Token Hozon Kali) and the NBTHK (Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai). ?The latter paper is a Tokubetsu Hoson paper, which is a very high rating that means “specially worthy of preservation.”? Blade is flawless, has a nice temper line, and is mounted in old shirisaya (the wooden mounts).? Special thanks to Bill Rannow for the help with this description!

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