Hitler’s Party Rally Brown Shirt #6475


This NSDAP Brownshirt was worn by Hitler at the 1935 and 1938 Party Day rally.  Part of the famous Hitler grouping brought back from the war by Army 1st LT Philip Benjamin Lieber.  Tailored by the famous firm of Holters in Berlin.  Medals, to include Hitler’s Iron Cross, Black WWI Wound Badge, and Blood Order medal, were discovered in the apartment in a small box on Hitler’s desk.  Party Badge was not part of the group, and was added for display purposes.  Click here for documentation. (Please note: this is a 50-page PDF document with high-resolution scans.  Accordingly, it may take a couple of minutes to load, depending on your connection speed).

From what I’ve been able to discern from researching photo archives, this shirt first appears at the 1935 ceremony on 9 November in Munich.  It was also worn at the same commemorative ceremony in 1936, 1937, and 1938.  It also appears at the Reichsparteitag in Nuremberg in 1937.  While there were two other shirts acquired by Lieber that are of the same style, only this shirt had a blood-order ribbon sewn-in.  In addition, the placement of the medals in the photos appear to be an exact match for the details present on this shirt.

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