Hermann Goring Cigars #6813


A box of Herman Göring cigars which?the Reichsmarshall was famous for both smoking and handing out to friends.? The box is labeled “Sonderanfertigung Reichsmarshall Hermann Göring,”?indicating that the cigars were specially tailored for him.? Seven out of the ten cigars remain, still sealed in their original glass vials which feature?the Göring crest?label.? Four of them have been opened, and the protective foil removed, but they are still intact (some of the the?tobacco wrapper is loose, due to the dryness of the tobacco after 70 years).? The box shows? minor wear, and the Göring?crest is emblazoned on the front in impressed gold.? When?Göring gave you a box of cigars, he obviously wanted you to remember who gave them to you!? Great collectible, or if you dare, put them in your humidor for a few months to restore them and see whether Göring’s reputation for the “finer things in life” holds true of his taste for fine tobacco (really, please don’t smoke them).

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