Double Etched Pioneer Bayonet by Eickhorn #6817


Double sided Eickhorn dress bayonet with a double-sided etch. Obverse features the standard “Remembrance” etch (In remembrance of my service time), flanked by two Whermacht eagles. Reverse panel says “Pioneer Batallion No. 15.” The plating to the etch is in outstanding shape. Panels themselves are also great. Obverse has a perfect “frosted” background, and reverse has a couple of wear spots (see the photo). Scabbard paint is 98% or better, and black eather frog is intact and in like-new condition. Hilt hsows osme moinr scuffs and wear. Bayonet is not only marked with the Eickhorn logo, but also with the trademark of the distributor. Great piece!

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