Amber Mein Kampf, Presentation Plaque #5986


This marvelous piece of art takes the form of a presentation Mein Kampf that is a presentation made to a Kreisleiter in Cologne.? The book is a typical 3rd-pattern presentation Mein Kampf, but has the unique feature of a silver engraved presentation plaque on the interior.? This is the ONLY Amber Mein Kampf that I know of with a presentation plaque inside – most are anonomous gifts with no other historical connection.? According to the plaque, it was presented by the Kreisleiter’s staff, an Otrsgruppenleiter in one of the Orts (sub-areas of his Kreis), the “Old Fighters” and the Blood Order holders to him.? Some collector paperwork makes reference to a newspaper clipping that identifies the recipient as Kreisleiter Felix Frangenberg talking about his transfer to another district, and makes mention of this book having been given to him on the occasion of the transfer.? Unfortunately, this article is not present with the book (thanks to some earlier collector, who probably lost it).? Also accompanying the book is a letter wirtten in 1957 by one “Morris Tenenbaum” who helped “Binny and Bill” (probably one of the original liberators of this book from Germany), helping them translating the silver plate.? This is great provenance, as it takes the book back to 1957, establishing quite conclusively the authenticity of the plate (the book is a textbook 3rd-style Amber Mein Kampf).

8.5 x 6

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